Most of the causes of weight problems are our eating habits. A balanced diet made up of the three groups of food can provide the necessary nutrients for our health.

We have Protective Foods ( foods that shield us from illness) like:

1. Tomatoes – low in calories.

2.Spinach – reduces appetite.

3.Lettuce – low in calories.Healthy salad

4.Cauliflower – increases metabolism.

5.Beetroot – contains no fat.

6.Carrots – low in calories.

7.Peppers – accelerates your body’s fat burning rate.

8.Pumpkin – low in calories, high in dietary fiber.

9.Apples – high in fiber, low in calories.

10.Bananas – low in fat and calories.

11.Pears – fat free, cholesterol free.Kiwi

12.Berries – curbs hunger and helps the body burn fat faster.

13.Watermelon – curbs hunger, low in calories.

14.Oranges – low in calories and Grapes – fat free.

We have Energy Foods ( foods that provide the energy needed to get us through the day ) like:

1.Maize meal – low fat, zero cholesterol.

2. Samp – low fat, zero cholesterol.   

3.Potatoes – low in calories, fat free and cholesterol free.

4.Rice and Pasta – They might be high in carbs but they are relatively low in fat.

We have Body-Building Foods ( foods that build our muscles, bones, teeth, blood and keep us strong and healthy)  like:

1.Fish –  Fish is a very, very vital source of weight loss since it contains lots of vitamins and mineral that boosts and / or promote weight loss. Fish is a source of Vitamin D and low levels of vitamin D are often observed in people who are over weight. Fish is a source of Protein which reduces the hunger hormone. Fish is a source of Iodine which accelerates weight loss by supporting the thyroid gland which in turn maintains metabolism and prevents the accumulation of body fat. Fish also provides the body with Omega-3 fatty acids which lowers our bodies insulin levels  and burns off the extra calories we eat for energy instead of storing them as body fat. So Fish is definitely one food you just can’t get enough of in the quest of losing weight.

2.Chicken breasts,Lean meat – low in fat and calories.

3.Eggs – eat eggs for breakfast to limit your calorie intake thoughout the day.

4.Lentils – low in calories.

5.Split peas – low in calories and contains dietary fiber.

These foods provide the body with protein, iron and fibre to maintain healthy strong muscles.

And don’t just stick to the list above, it helps to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis because not only are they low in calories and carbohydrates but they also supply vitamins, minerals and antioxidants good for our health and they boost our metabolism and also burn that extra fat.

Make sure you eat atleast 6 portions of vegetables and \ or fruit per day. Drink low fat milk and yoghurt, they are also high in protein and calcium.

I would also advice fasting every once in a while, take a whole day every once in a while and not eat or drink anything, if that is too much for you then it’s fine you can drink water and 100% pure juices in between, and if that is also too much for some, you can have fruits or veggies in between but that’s it. Set one or two days apart every single month for this fasting and you’ll be amazed at the results. Not only is it rewarding spiritually but physically as well.

And last but not least drink plenty of water, at least two litres a day, it will not only boost your metabolism and burn extra fat it is also vital for our overall health because our bodies simply cannot function without it, our hearts, our brains, our livers, in fact most of our body parts need water to survive. So if u want to lose weight and keep losing it, without thinking about it and never have to worry about gaining it ever again, change your lifestyle, it’s the only way.