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Hi everyone and welcome, I’m Malenyalo and I’ve had my own ups and downs with weight for a while now.About Malenyalo

I grew up very skinny because I was an athlete from a very young age. Growing up I was involved in almost every sport and every activity in school. I was singing in the choir, involved in debates, beauty pageants, netball, high jump, low jump, you name it. Thinking back now I realize that was the happiest time of my life because I was young and naive, and I didn’t have a care in the world, until life happened.

Suddenly at the age of nine I experienced my first loss by losing a father. My father was probably the worst dad because he just wasn’t there, he just didn’t care enough. All I remember of him is him making promises, promises he had no intention of keeping. The only good memory I have of him is this one time he came to see me and he brought me fruits and that was it. And yet the pain I felt after his passing was incredible. I felt this hole in my heart that remains to this very day. It was due to this hole that my life began to spiral out of control.

More About Me…

Pain took over my life and I was never the same. I lost interest in all of the activities I was involved in at school and everything fell apart. That’s when I started binging, I never quite understood why my father never took the time to show me love and now it was too late. I was never, ever, going to feel a father’s love. Food was my comfort now, my only friend. You see where I’m going with this. Pain was the cause of my weight problems. I let pain manipulate me into thinking I needed food to survive, and the extra kilos were the result.

All I’m saying is it’s all in the mind, you are what you think, literally. Pain is naturally a part of life, and the way we deal with it and how we let it affect us is what sometimes lead to problems like weight gain, weight loss, or even hair loss, etc, etc.. In these modern times there are many, many things that make people fall prey to unhealthy eating habits. Things that are all somehow connected to stress. Things like heartbreak, grief, peer pressure, confusion, disappointments, etc, etc..

Immediately lose weight is a site I created not necessarily suggesting that I have a solution for getting rid of extra fat right away, no, but as a platform for people to talk, engage, discuss, and together come up with solutions to lifestyle issues and problems that affect us to the point of neglecting our overall health. Stress is the main cause of most issues we face.

  • You get your heart broken or,
  • You or your loved one contracts an incurable disease,
  • You become stressed,
  •  You find a coping mechanism

Others choose food as comfort, others abuse alcohol,others slip into anger mode, others choose to become serial daters, anything to numb the pain or to avoid the real issue that’s really eating us up inside. We do all these things because we are a little lost, because the weight of life is weighing very heavily upon us. Well I’m here to say you are not alone. Let us tackle all of these life’s problems together. Let us work together to get to the core of the problem, the root of the problem.

Immediately lose weight is here to tell you, you are not alone. Whatever you are going through, there are people out there who are going through much, much worse. But together we can find a solution that don’t endanger your health. This is your platform, talk to me, tell me your story, share your experiences, give me your advice and I’ll give you mine. You and I working hand in hand to maintain a healthy body, soul and mind. There are many healthy ways to deal with weight, let us explore them together.

Thanks for dropping by, hope to hear from you again very soon

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