Can You Lose Weight Dancing?

Ballet danceThe answer is yes, yes, a million times yes. You can most definitely loose weight dancing and I’ve personally seen that once too many times. After joining a dance class you receive a set of rules to follow that includes changing your diet as well, which is why weight loss is a given. In some dance classes it’s a requirement. In that way dancing is pretty much similar to excercise, but I personally prefer dancing. Dancing unlike excersise you can do it for fun.The one thing that I love about it is how broad and how complex it is. It’s very seldom that you’d find someone who doesn’t love dancing altogether because of it’s complexity.

So instead of saying you don’t like dancing you would easily say, “I don’t like this type of dance, I would much rather prefer this one”. Why? Because there’s so many to choose from.So what is dancing and what are the benefits?According to the dictionary, it is moving your feet or body or both rythmically in a pattern of steps, especially to the accompaniment of music. Or to leap skip, etc.., as from excitement or emotion, to move nimbly or quickly: to dance with joy.

So you see even the dictionary explains it as something that gives joy or pleasure. You see dancing is more like excercise, a less painful excercise, the one that leaves you feeling all warm inside. And while we are on the subject, let me explain that excercise is not something that gives pain like most people fear. The only pain is from starting off because your muscles are still stiff because they aren’t used to movement.

So the same goes for dancing, it is excercise because you are moving your body, so you’ll probably feel a little pain when starting off, your feet will feel sore, but wait until you get used to it. Just like excersise there’s just no greater pleasure. All you have to do is start off slow, give your body time to adjust and get used to it, then your life will start feeling like an everyday high.

You will feel so much energy and so much excitement like you are on something ( taking drugs ), but this is no real drug, and it is not harmful, infact, it’s the kind that gives long life. Yep you heard me, dancing just like excercise not only does it relieve stress, give pleasure and excitement, but it also prolongs life by helping prevent most aging sicknesses.Dancing

When you look around you will realise that most aging sicknesses are caused mostly by inactivity, that’s why you’ll find most doctors recommending excercise. So what better way to excersise than dancing? Not only will it save your life but it will also keep you young. And it’s the most exciting form of excercise because there’s just so many types to choose from.

There’s ballroom dancing, there’s ballet dancing, there’s the rumba, the samba, the salsa, the mambo, the cha-cha, the tango, the waltz, the jive or even the tap dance. These are some of the different kinds of dance that you can either choose from or find out for yourself many other types that might interest you.

All I’m saying is, it’s an incredible way of losing weight because you get to pick and choose until you are completely satisfied. If you find that ballroom is not for you then you can try the cha-cha or the tango, you can even try and explore each and every single one of them until you make an informed choice.

I know reading about something and actually doing it are way too different because sometimes it’s best to know something for a fact. So try all of them and choose one that excites you the most, then you’ll find that you’re on a natural high everyday for the rest of your life. You’ll be so used to moving that you’ll feel like you’re losing your mind literally, if you ever manage to find yourself in a position where you’re constrained.

I would really love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below and tell me what type of dance you prefer and why. And has dancing worked so far in terms of weight loss. Do you notice any changes after you started dancing and is it something that you would reccommend to others? I believe your feedback can change a life somewhere, so please don’t be shy to share. We would really appreciate your input. Thanks in advance.

Artificial Sweeteners Reviews

You know I’ve always heard about artificial sweeteners but I haven’t really given much thought to them until recently when someone mentioned them in one of my posts.

All I knew of them was only what I learned from family and friends suffering from diabetes about how they are  recommended for their condition because they help control their blood sugar levels by reducing their calorie and carbohydrate intake.

But apparently that cannot be said about aspartame. Apparently instead of assisting with weight loss, it causes weight gain and adversely affects your blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity.

And most people prefer them as opposed to sugar because apparently they don’t cause cavities, and they help prevent tooth decay. But still they aren’t a hundred percent safe for our teeth because some reviews revealed that they might possibly cause dental erosion due to their acidic flavorings and preservatives. 

But what I’m going to focus on is how they are used as diet methods when people are trying to lose weight and maybe try to find out their effectiveness or  ineffectiveness in that way.

They say curiosity killed the cat, right, which is why I felt the need to try and find out all I can about them and that is what I’m about to share.

What Are Artificial Sweeteners?

Artificial Sweeteners are synthetic sugar substitutes offering all the sweetness of sugar without or with less calories.

Although most of us know the dangers of sugar, and we try to avoid it by all means possible, that doesn’t stop us from cheating every once in a while. So wouldn’t it be nice to openly cheat, without having to feel guilty afterwards, and is this even possible? That is what we are about to find out.

Types Of Artificial Sweeteners That Are Approved By The FDA

  • Saccharin.
  •  Acesulfame potassium (Ace-K).
  • Sucralose.
  • Aspartame
  • Neotame

Now Lets Try To Look At The Pro’s And Cons Of The Above


Although it was linked with the development of bladder cancer in rats, it seems pretty safe in humans since more than 30 human studies demonstrated that the results found in rats were irrelevant to humans (FDA), plus it does not contain any calories.

Acesulfame potassium (Ace-K)

There are more than 90 studies that attests to its safety (FDA), and it also contains no calories.


Contains no calories, very safe according to more than 110 studies which were reviewed by the FDA.

But according to Dr Joseph Mercola of, of the 110 studies, only two were human and the longest one was conducted for only four days. And the animal studies revealed a lot of problems like decreased red blood cells, increased male infertility, enlarged and calcified kidneys, spontaneous abortions, etc, etc…

Side effects from humans mentioned by Dr Mercola are Gastrointestinal problems, seizures, dizziness, migraines, blurred vision, allergic reactions, blood sugar increases, weight gain, and there are even rumours linking it to leukemia.


According to the FDA, more than 100 studies supports its safety, except for people suffering from a disease called phenylketonuria, because it contains phenylalanine, which is not easily metabolized by people suffering from the disease. So they should either avoid it or control their intake of it. But it contains calories, so it’s not exactly an option if you’re trying to lose weight.

Infact there’s reason to believe that aspartame together with Neotame has got the potential to cause weight gain. Apparently there are two amino acids (phenylalanine and aspartic acid) that make up 90% of aspartame and are also present in Neotame, which are known to rapidly stimulate the release of insulin and leptin, hormones that regulates your metabolism and are responsible for storing fat and for your feeling of fullness after eating.

Apparently even though you are not ingesting calories in the form of sugar, aspartame and neotame can still raise your insulin and leptin levels. And if your body is exposed to too much leptin, it becomes resistant to it as time progresses, the same way your body can become resistant to insulin, and after that happens, your body can no longer hear the hormonal messages instructing your body to stop eating, burn fat, and maintain good sensitivity to sweet tastes in your taste buds.

So you’ll eat without being full, you won’t stop craving sweet things and your body will store more fat than it burns. Which will in turn cause obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and so on. Moreover, too much phenylalanine lowers serotonin levels(neurotransmitter that also influences satiety), so you can only imagine how difficult it will be to keep the weight off since you’ll be craving food nonstop and since you’ll be eating without being satisfied.



This sweetener contains no calories, It is safe according to data reviews done to identify possible toxic effects on 113 animal and human studies by the FDA. Neotame was supposed to be a better and safer version of aspartame, but is it?

Here’s what I found out, Neotame is Aspartame plus 3,3-dimethylbutyl, which is meant to block production of phenylalanine and eliminate the need for warning labels for people who cannot properly metabolise phenylalanine. But apparently this 3,3- dimethylbutyraldehyde is a highly flammable irritant, and can possibly cause irritation to skin, eyes and respiratory system upon handling. So does that sound like something you would risk consuming?

I would love to have some feedback from you. If you’ve ever used any of the sweeteners above please feel free to share how it’s working out for you.

Generally sugar must be avoided at all costs in a quest for weight loss but for some people who cannot do without then artificial sweeteners can help curb the craving without adding those extra calories. But because they differ, and some appear to be safer than others, it is better to do your own homework before you start using them.

Furthermore, I would like to say that I personally prefer staying away from all sweeteners since like modern medicine, each of them has their own side effects. But for those of you who just can’t help themselves, there’s a healthier version called stevia.

Stevia is a highly sweet herb derived from the leaf of the South American stevia plant and it’s sold as a supplement. It contains no calories, it is 200 to 400 times sweeter than sugar, not to mention it is completely natural.

I have only heard nice things about stevia up to so far but just like any other form of sugar it is to be taken with caution as the best and safest option is avoiding sugar period. So I would also take it with caution and only use it every once in a while when I experience a craving for that something sweet.

The above info was sourced from and Please feel free to visit the mentioned sites for verification, thanks.




Self Love And Weight Loss

It’s not easy to love yourself if you don’t even like yourself and sometimes weight issues affect the way we feel about ourselves. Self love goes a long way in overall wellbeing and I feel like I have to remind you how important it is to put yourself first. Having weight issues can be a health hazard but it shouldn’t be the end of the world because so long as there is breath,  there is hope. Your attitude plays a vital role in everything that happens around you and to you so put it to good use and allow it to help you through the trying times of struggling with weight loss.

Full figure beautyWhat I mean by attitude is yes, at the moment you are facing a problem, your problem is you need to start losing weight right now if you want to continue leading a healthy life, but your attitude is not helping very much right now because instead of facing your problem head on, you choose to feel sorry for yourself, now that’s a very bad attitude. I think we’ve kind of established by now that the weight loss process requires a lot of hard work, there are just no quick fixes because those do not produce everlasting results.

Love is a very essential part of life because there’s just no life without love. God created us out of love and it is through the same kind of love that we keep reproducing. So life is love and love is life but how on earth can we love others if we don’t love ourselves first. I want you to look at yourself in the mirror and I want you to like what you see regardless of your weight.

I do not want you to let your weight determine how you feel about yourself because that will create unnecessary stress, in your quest to lose weight stress must be your enemy. So the goal is to avoid this stress at all costs. How do we avoid this stress? I’m a working single mom and sometimes it can get very stressful but what helps me and other single moms out there is just keeping busy period. Have you not realized how quickly a day passes if you are doing something? That’s right, you wake up with a purpose because you know your presence is needed somewhere and you go out there and you give it your all, next thing you know it’s already time to call it a day and you didn’t even stop for a minute to think about anything.

And don’t you forget that keeping busy will not only solve your stress problem but it also assists with weight loss. Not only will you not have time to sit and feel sorry for yourself but you will also be proactive in your quest for weight loss. So what I would do is to implement some kind of structure, draw up a time table that highlights how you would like your day to go and try by all means to follow through. That will take care of the stress problem because stress worsens every situation. Many people find themselves binging or sleeping the entire day, feeling sorry for themselves, all because of stress. So what I want you to do today is to forget your weight, forget all those added pounds and focus on adjusting your attitude

Here’s What I Think The Right Attitude Might Achieve…..

Growing up, what I observed mostly from people is how they choose to run away from their own personal problems or issues by fixating on other peoples problems. You know the person who came up with the saying “misery loves company” was so on point. So my point is I really don’t understand what people aim to gain when they highlight the negative they see on other’s, instead of focusing on themselves. For example what gives you the right to come up to me and tell me I’m ugly or I’m overweight? Does that make you feel good about yourself? Do you get paid or do you gain something for highlighting my weakness or my misfortune?

That’s people today they make themselves feel good about themselves by hurting and shaming other people. It is very difficult for most people to have self love because of other people. When you look at yourself on a mirror you don’t like the person who’s looking back because all you can see is what someone else put in your head. You are not what they say, you are what God says you are, “Psalm 139:14. Remembering that might save you a lot of headache and that’s where attitude comes in. Attitude is the ability to stay in control of any and every situation, regardless of what the situation might be, you stay in control, you don’t lose your cool, you take charge, always.

So if you have the right attitude, you’ll work hard to lose weight but at the same time embracing those hips and those curves because you know they aren’t there for long. If you spent most of your time fixating and worrying about your weight you won’t give yourself time to enjoy what won’t be there tomorrow. So I suggest you go out there and have some fun shopping for your temporary body. Stop wearing all those tight clothes that don’t fit no more, it will do you good to go out there and shop for clothes that hug those figures, enjoy those kilos while getting rid of them because whether you like it or not, they are who you are for the time being.

So sitting back and feeling sorry for yourself and crying because people are calling you fat is not a good attitude at all because all it will accomplish is giving your enemies a good laugh at your expense. The correct attitude gets you results but the wrong attitude makes every situation feel helpless. There’s nothing that gives your enemy more pleasure than seeing that smile fade away, so do yourself a favor and do not give the enemy that kind of satisfaction. Go get that new hairstyle that you’ve always wanted, get that new dress, that piece of jewelery you’ve been eying,get a manicure, a pedicure, spoil yourself, do whatever it takes to feel good regardless of your weight because in my experience, when you look good, you feel good.

Weight Loss and Detox

You can’t drive a car without servicing it, you can’t use a phone without resetting it, so why not treat your body with the same respect? Every once in a while your body becomes tired, it becomes worn out from everyday activity, the harmful foods that we eat, the harmful substances we use to clean our houses, and even the harmful substances we use to wash our own skins sometimes. Most of these things cause harm to our bodies and we find ourselves feeling sick, feeling tired and having all sorts of digestive problems. 

Fresh fruits

Our internal organs helps with the elimination of toxins and bacteria from our bloodstream, but because of the highly processed foods that we eat and pollutants that enter our system through the very air that we breath, our system becomes overloaded and these toxins build up & multiply in our bodies and that can be very harmful. So to try and eliminate these toxins, the body self detoxifies itself by means of diarrhea, frequent urination and through sweating caused by fevers. But most of the time we don’t let nature take it’s course, we stop the process by going to the doctor and getting medicine that eliminates these symptoms when all we should be doing is helping the process by allowing it to run it’s course and assist it instead by taking liquids and staying hydrated.

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Detoxification is sort of spring cleaning your body, it’s a process of renewal because it rids the body of all impurities, all toxic material, and all unhealthy, harmful substances.So sometimes you think you are overweight when you actually aren’t because of the build up of substances that the body cannot effectively metabolize. So we have to try and find the balance by making sure the body does not consume more calories than it is burning, so please, do not underestimate the power of the foods that you eat, while some foods maintain and rebuild you, other foods cause nothing but harm.Fresh fruit

My late grandfather used to ask me if I eat to live or if I live to eat and I used to joke and tell him that I live to eat, but I was young and inexperienced then, that was before I went in and out of hospitals, but now I know better, I have found a miracle prevention method that works really, really well and is not costly at all because it consists of nothing  but fruits and vegetables.As a growing child I had a very weak immune system because no one taught me how to eat for life,so to say, how to choose the foods that heals and restores instead of foods that harms and destroys, but now I can’t remember the last time I visited the hospital.

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Detoxification as explained by the dictionary is a process of getting rid of the toxic or unhealthy substances from the body. I have tried it and the end results of this process is incredible, not only does it work on your body but your mind will benefit too. You will find yourself having increased energy, improved memory, less skin blemishes, you’ll be more calm and relaxed, especially those of us who panic about everything. Detox works like fasting because not only does it have incredible health benefits but it will also bring you closer to God, so please promise me that you’ll take the time to cleanse your system every once in a while, it doesn’t have to be expensive, I mostly use fresh fruits and vegetables but I hear that fruits especially have antioxidant properties that assists the body by getting rid of toxins.

Fresh Juice

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So to detox every once in a while should not be a hassle at all, just like fasting all you have to do is is take some time and abstain from meat and all cooked foods, all processed foods, your only friends for that time will be fresh vegetables and fruits in their raw form and plenty of water and fresh juices. Eat only that for as long as possible, for about as long as your body can allow, it will be difficult at times, your body will be weak, but just like fasting there’s nothing more rewarding but please don’t forget to visit your health practitioner and get the thumbs up from him before you do anything and have him advise you on the best detox method for you as an individual because what works for me might not work for you. 

Weight Loss And Gender

ExerciseWhy is it that weight problems usually affect women more than men? Why is it that most societies condemn women for gaining weight than they do men? You’ll hear people whispering “look at her, she’s so fat, ever since she got married she doesn’t take care of herself, she’ll lose that man if she doesn’t watch out”. But with a man it’s very different, you’ll hear them saying, ” wow, look how fit he is , marriage life really agrees with him doesn’t it? That wife of his is really doing a great job feeding him”.

Did you see how it suddenly changed from fat to fit? In most cases you’ll never, ever, hear people calling a man fat but women, women bare the brunt everyday if they dare gain a few inches. I would like to tell you a story about a late friend of mine, a very, very beautiful African girl with an incredible shapely body. She had curves in all the right places, she was so beautiful that all the men wanted her but sadly enough she didn’t see her own beauty. She dropped out of school and got married at a young age and she lived for her husband, literally.

She was very, very intelligent, very, very bright , she was offered a bursary right  before the wedding but he asked her who was going to take care of the house and their future children if she goes to school. So she had to choose between her career and the marriage, she chose him of course and her life was never the same. It all started after she gave birth to their first child. She had gained a little weight and he wasn’t pleased about it. Not a day past where he didn’t remind her of her weight.

She came to me in tears one day and told me that he threatened to leave her if she didn’t lose a few kilos. She said he gave her a month and after that they will have to rethink their marriage. According to him she was a disgrace because he couldn’t go anywhere with her, not to his family and certainly not to his work functions because it’s embarrassing to be seen with such a huge elephant. I was so shocked and I thought she would leave him but instead she put pressure on me to go to the gym with her.

I supported her, but hesitantly, I knew I couldn’t tell her the truth about how I really felt about her husband because then I would be the enemy and she wouldn’t have anyone. So we went to the gym every single day, she was so desperate she wouldn’t hear anything about missing the gym. The scale was her best friend and her smile faded every single day that passed without there being any progress. Watching the light fade from her eyes every single day really scared me and I asked her one day “my friend why are you doing this, why are you putting yourself through all of this pain, I hate seeing you like this, is there anything I can do ?”

ExerciseShe looked at me and said “I see how you all look at me, I know you all think I’m stupid, and in my mind I agree with you all, I know he doesn’t deserve me, but my heart, my heart is not ready to let him go, not yet.” I had never seen her so broken before, I invited her to church and that was the last I saw of her. She took an overdose of sleeping tablets. As opposed to men women are supposed to look a certain way or be a certain size in order to be loved by men. If you are a man all you have to do is have money but it’s not that simple for women.

That puts enormous pressure on women and not all of us can handle it. So guys please think twice before calling a woman fat. If you see that she’s gaining a little weight just gently suggest that you guys go jogging together or take up a new fun sport together like dancing,swimming, or even tennis . And if you see that she’s on a diet don’t go eating junk food in front of her, try to support her by eating what she eats and then eat all your junk at work or with friends. All I’m saying is most men do not support their women with their diets and their exercise regime, they wait until it’s too late and then start with the criticism.

That is wrong on so many levels,  make sure that you play a role from the start, find ways to be active together always, don’t go to the gym alone, register for dance classes together, make it  team work. Show her you value her health and that figure of hers and that you’re willing to walk a mile to make sure she keeps it. Show her you value her that much. Don’t wait until the damage is done and then start calling her names or leave her for someone else. Love is hard work and if you love someone you make it your life’s work to empower and to better them. That is called unconditional love, women do it all the time for men, try loving them the way they love you for a change and see how the lifespan of relationships might just increase. Try it, I dare you, otherwise what have you got to lose?

Weight Loss And Fasting

I’m not exactly recommending fasting as a method for weight loss, I’m merely explaining how a lifestyle that includes Christ can sometimes curb a lot of problems, including weight gain. If you are constantly seeking Him and trying always to live by His word, you might find that He mostly distances you from the problems of this life. John 15:4-5.

I’m not saying a life with Christ means you are exempted from the problems of this world because as a child of God you will sometimes experience trials and tribulations. Job 1:8-12, James 1:2-4. But that it is better to go through that with Him rather than without Him, Hebrews 2:18, 1 Peter 4:12-13.

Fasting is something that started in the old testament, Leviticus 23:26-27, but you will also see it mentioned in the new testament as well. The bible explains it as a period in which one denies themselves the pleasures of this world for a time being in a quest to strengthen one’s bond with Christ because being physically weak means being spiriually strong, 2 Corinthians 12:9-10.Prayer

So taking the time to not eat at all or to not exactly eat what you want to eat and to even shut the world out and focus on the word of God. Forget about that TV program, forget about the internet or that tablet that you love so much, forget what makes you happy and just focus on what pleases the Lord.

Meditate on His word, sing Him praises and communicate with Him through prayer, ask Him what He requires of you and obey.You will see that it strengthens the spirit and it strengthens your relationship with Him and that brings about such sheer joy. You will feel so free, so light, and so liberated.

You will feel that all the heaviness, all that’s been weighing on you is gone,  and all that remains is peace. Peace in knowing were you stand with Him, peace in knowing He’s pleased with you and finally peace in knowing He’s got your back, no matter what.Isaiah 41:10.

If we always acknowledge Him by doing what He requires,  He’ll always acknowledge us by fulfilling our hearts desires, Psalm 37:4. Praise and fellowship does not go any deeper than fasting.

Show Him how valued He is by denying yourself through fasting and He’ll do the same by brightening your way and showering you with blessings, 1John 3-22. So in closing I want you to know that I do not wish for you to think of fasting as a weight loss method, do not do it to get something in return.

Fast because you are seeking God. Fast because it is His will for us to be one with Him, then if weight loss is one of the blessings that comes with serving the Creator and doing what pleases Him then that’s a plus.But I wouldn’t advice it if you are pregnant or if you have a medical condition.

Weight loss and sex

What If The Best Weight Loss Method Was The One That Gives You Pleasure

Imagine that, imagine if losing weight was as easy as being with the one you love. Oh how incredibly thin most of us would  be, especially men,lol. I bet you many marriages would still be intact today.Things like weight loss are usually associated with uninteresting things, things that make people want to run away.

Things like spice less or salt-less food and having to say no to a delicious slice of chocolate caramel cake for dessert. I believe I’m speaking 4 most of us when I say we would like to put minimal effort for maximum results when it comes to losing weight.

So imagine if making love was actually it, I think I would try it wouldn’t you? I live next door to this couple, I’ve never seen anything like it but they make love at least six times a day, everyday. I know you don’t believe me but they are the type that makes noise. They are so loud that if you are single you become jealous.

This man gives it to her three times before he goes to work, then three or four times at night and if he doesn’t go to work it’s two or three times during the day as well. We used to complain about the noise but now we just let them be because the more you talk about things like these, the more envious you seem.

So this lady is naturally slim but sometimes I wonder if the sex is actually playing a role in maintaining her slim figure. What I’m actually saying is weight loss is an ongoing thing that requires a change in a lifestyle, it requires us to stay active in any way we can so making love on it’s own might not be enough but combined with a good lifestyle change like eating good food,  regular excercise, and detoxing the system every now and then, then who knows, maybe love making might just be the way to save our beatiful figures.romance

So guys please turn it up. Buy the libido boosters if you must, but keep that lady in the bedroom for as long as possible and see if you won’t see results. And ladies saying no and telling your man how tired you are will only send him elsewhere to get it so please give it to him, not only for the fitness of your body but for the fitness of your relationship too.

Please try it, you’ve got nothing to lose. Instead of saying no tell him yes and you’ll be amazed at the amount of time he’ll be spending at home. You won’t ever have to fight about where he’s been I guarantee you.  Otherwise I would very much like to have some feedback from you ladies who gets it on a regular basis, drop an email and tell me how his love making might have or haven’t assisted in losing those extra kilos. I would really love to hear from you and who knows maybe after that I would write the next post with facts from your feedback on whether making love does help or not. Do not be a stranger please.

Please know that I do not condone sex before marriage as sex is something that God intended for married people, “1 Corinthians 7:2-5, Proverbs 5:18-19”.

Weight Loss


Have you ever felt like your body was on a roller coaster ride, where you find yourself overweight one minute and underweight the next? That is what happens to most of us lately because of so many a method of today for losing weight. Companies are  advertising different types of products as quick fixes to our weight problems and we find ourselves trying product after product with the hope that we will find one that actually works. I do that, and I bet you do that too but isn’t that dangerous to our overall well being? What if there are long lasting effects to our bodies?

I love my body and I know you love yours too, it’s the only one we get to have and once it gives in to the pressure and finally gives up on you there’s nothing you can do, absolutely nothing. I’m not discouraging the use of these weight loss products, all I’m saying is don’t look for the easy way out, put your health first. Diseases like obesity were very scarce in the olden days because people used to eat directly from their gardens, they didn’t eat all this refined staff that we stuff ourselves with nowadays. How many of us can honestly say they have a vegetable garden in our homes? I think not.

When people think garden, they think hard work and the people of today do not like that at all. You have your own personal assistant at work, you have your own chef at home, a nanny, a helper, a personal chauffeur, a dog walker, etc, etc…So please do not be mad at me when I tell you that most of our weight problems are caused by what society has turned to today. Because the more easier things become for us, the more we progress and develop as countries and communities and the more financially stable we become, the more our bodies suffer.

Money makes us lazy because who would want to stand on their feet and cook, when you can just dial a number and have the food delivered straight to your door? Who’ll want to wash dishes when you can just put them on a dishwasher?All I’m saying is as the people of today we want things done for us, no one wants to break a nail and weight loss is not accomplish-able if you only take supplements or if you only go to the gym and not adjust your lifestyle.

Take the stairs instead of a lift, cook that healthy spinach yourself, one that you picked from your very own vegetable garden , walk the dogs yourself, clean that house yourself, take the effort and actually draw a timetable of the kind of foods your family is going to eat for the week and actually make that happen. A balanced diet and an active lifestyle can do wonders for your weight loss mission if you just give it a try. Keep your weight in check by losing it the natural way. Love yourself enough to walk that extra mile

I know it’s hard work, but the rewards are everlasting.

Immediately Lose Weight

over eatingThere are many reasons why people are overweight and addressing these causes might be the only way to beat the problem. There is nothing more powerful than the mind, it is how you see yourself that will determine the progress you will make in your quest for weight loss. It’s all in the mind, if you wish to be thin then you must first see yourself as thin. Once you start seeing yourself as the change you want to see in yourself, then the road to that change will be an easy one because you are what you feel.

First you feel thin, then the next thing all the necessary steps you have to take in order to accomplish that, like changing your diet and exercising, will be a breeze, they won’t feel like chores at all, because you first adjusted your mindset to the change you would like to see within yourself. Immediately lose weight simply means adjust your mindset and your attitude, and the rest will fall into place.Everything has got a root or a source, people don’t wake up one day and find that they are overweight, it’s something that progresses with time. If the cause is unhealthy eating habits then something happened to trigger that behavior.

If it’s anger then something happened or rather someone happened to cause it. Whatever may be the cause of your stress or anxiety bottling things up have not worked out for you so far so please change the game plan. The reason most of us choose to deal with pain alone is because we are either afraid to have people view us as weak or we are ashamed.

If you are now overweight because you’ve been busy filling your body with toxins by your unhealthy eating habits because you feel guilty and ashamed for the pain that you caused somebody, don’t fret because none of us is perfect, we are all sinners and the one thing that differentiates some from the rest is the ability to take responsibility Bingingfor their actions. Telling someone you are sorry does not make you stupid, it just means you care enough to put your pride aside.

Many people out there lost the people they loved only because they were too proud to utter the words “I’m sorry”. Instead of taking responsibility for your actions you lock yourself away from the world out of guilt, you are afraid to go out and be seen. Instead of going out to face the music you punish yourself by placing order after order of unhealthy toxic food, food that do nothing but cause harm to your body.Please remember that your body is the temple,” 1 Corinthians 6:19-20″.

For some of you who are now overweight and had to shut yourselves from the world because of something someone did to you. Someone defiled and took advantage of you, someone stole your pride and your joy, someone tried to dim your light because they were afraid you will outshine them, now you are locked away, too ashamed because you think that people can see what happened to you.

Tell me out of all things why did you choose food as your comfort? Is it because it doesn’t talk, doesn’t judge, doesn’t make you feel any less than what you are actually worth? Well there are many harmless things that are like that, they’ll make you feel really good, but without causing you any harm. I’m not personally a fan but pets are all time stress relievers, if you don’t like them there’s also reading, or even singing, so get a good book will you, or join a church choir, bible study, anything that won’t harm that beautiful body that God gave you.

I know that bowel of ice-cream is pretty good, and I know that sugary drink goes down well, but is it worth the pain you feel afterwards from guilt? Let it all out, find someone to talk to and just let it all out. If someone hurt you and you hold on to the hurt and pain by keeping it all inside that gives them power over you and that keeps the hurt alive. Release it and relieve yourself, just let it go.

Your enemy loves it when you’re hurting, your enemy rejoices when that smile of yours has faded. Kill them with your smile, your kindness. Go up to them and tell them “I forgive you”. Do right by them not for their sake, but for your sake, then you’ll feel so light, you will feel the weight suddenly disappear, and all your blue days will be behind you, then you’ll be able to empty that fridge full of harmful foods and restock it with healthy hearty foods that are good for the body, soul and mind.Over eating

Do not let weight define you, work extra hard to kick the habit, start by fixing your heart, then the rest will fall into place. Come up with a schedule that outlines the best exercise regime and the best healthy diet that you think you can adhere to. Healthy food does not have to lack taste these days, nowadays there are tons of tasty healthy recipes, same as exercises, there are tons of exciting work outs that are so much fun, so being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean leading a boring life.You can be happy and healthy at the same time. I need you today to promise me that you’ll get back to me, just think long and hard about your life and why you think you ended up overweight, was it something you couldn’t help? Or not. We need a permanent solution to this problem, so digging deep and looking inside yourself and determining the cause of these unhealthy eating habits that you have is the only way. Once that is established and dealt with then the road to weight loss will be nothing but a welcomed adventure.