I believe the best workout that produces better and faster results is one that you do without even realizing you are doing it. Thinking about things puts more pressure on us. You already know you are overweight; you don’t need your mind constantly reminding you. If you miss a gym session you beat yourself up about it, if you don’t see progress you beat yourself up about it.

That’s what excessive workouts does to us, you are constantly at the gym or with a personal trainer but you don’t see results because you are over thinking it, you are constantly on the scale weighing yourself and asking yourself what’s wrong with the exercise routine, why haven’t you lost enough weight by now. Personally I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the exercise routine, personally I think the problem lies with you because you are constantly obsessing about those extra kilos. It’s all you think about when you wake up, it’s all you think about when you go to bed, it puts strain on your mind and it’s not healthy.

Although weight plays a vital role in our wellbeing, it’s not more important, what matters most is our overall health and that is not achievable if we are constantly worried about our weight issues. If we are constantly stressed our mental health is affected and the mind is very vital because it is what sends communication to different parts of our bodies.

So you send negative signals to the brain, the brain in turn does the same to the body and as a result you have a disease, a disease most doctor’s will tell you was caused by being overweight when in fact it was caused by stress, unnecessary stress that could have been avoided if you didn’t dwell very much on your weight problem but on doing something proactive, something that not only takes your mind off the weight but at the same time relieves you of those extra kilos. Just do exercises that don’t feel like exercises, exercises that are more fun and can be done with the people we love.


    • The first exercise that I recommend is  skipping rope, that is something you can do with your child two or three times a week, not only will it help with those extra kilos but it’s fun and it will strengthen your bond.
    • The second exercise is walking, you can walk a dog, or you can get a group of friends who can be your walking partners and it will be more fun.
    • Then there’s running, that I think is something you can enjoy with a husband or a boyfriend because frankly I don’t think there’s anything more arousing than watching your partner sweat, next thing you’ll be racing to see who gets home fast, and then get to have that shower together, you’ll be amazed at what that will do to your relationship, lol.
    • The next thing I would suggest is that you buy a boxing kit and you have fun jumping, punching and just sweating all those kilos away. Not only will you lose weight, but you will be stress free. All you do is imagine you are punching that fool who called you fat today and your energy levels will skyrocket, lol.

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    • I also recommend getting a bicycle and just enjoying the ride atleast twice a week, the exercise is good for you and the  fresh air will do wonders for your emotional wellbeing.
    • I like dancing even though I don’t know how to, if it’s something you think you can enjoy register for dance classes so you can have fun while burning those calories..
    • Take up a new hobby, something that is fun like aerobics, tennis, and anything that makes you happy, the secret is to choose what you enjoy so it won’t feel like exercise that way it will be easy to incorporate into your daily activities.

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  • Then my favorite, household chores, why hire someone else to do what you can do better and even benefit from it. Do the laundry yourself. Cook your own food. Clean your own house and look after your own kids if you can.

All those running around after your children and all those up and downs in your house, that is called exercise, you are doing it without even realizing, without over thinking it, without obsessing about it.  It’s the old fashioned way of exercise that works even today. If you look at most of our grandparents, they didn’t have weight issues like we do because they couldn’t afford to hire nannies and chefs and helpers. But you didn’t see them struggling with issues that we face today.  So sometimes being a little lazy is what can lead to most of the weight problems we face today.