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over eatingThere are many reasons why people are overweight and addressing these causes might be the only way to beat the problem. There is nothing more powerful than the mind, it is how you see yourself that will determine the progress you will make in your quest for weight loss. It’s all in the mind, if you wish to be thin then you must first see yourself as thin. Once you start seeing yourself as the change you want to see in yourself, then the road to that change will be an easy one because you are what you feel.

First you feel thin, then the next thing all the necessary steps you have to take in order to accomplish that, like changing your diet and exercising, will be a breeze, they won’t feel like chores at all, because you first adjusted your mindset to the change you would like to see within yourself. Immediately lose weight simply means adjust your mindset and your attitude, and the rest will fall into place.Everything has got a root or a source, people don’t wake up one day and find that they are overweight, it’s something that progresses with time. If the cause is unhealthy eating habits then something happened to trigger that behavior.

If it’s anger then something happened or rather someone happened to cause it. Whatever may be the cause of your stress or anxiety bottling things up have not worked out for you so far so please change the game plan. The reason most of us choose to deal with pain alone is because we are either afraid to have people view us as weak or we are ashamed.

If you are now overweight because you’ve been busy filling your body with toxins by your unhealthy eating habits because you feel guilty and ashamed for the pain that you caused somebody, don’t fret because none of us is perfect, we are all sinners and the one thing that differentiates some from the rest is the ability to take responsibility Bingingfor their actions. Telling someone you are sorry does not make you stupid, it just means you care enough to put your pride aside.

Many people out there lost the people they loved only because they were too proud to utter the words “I’m sorry”. Instead of taking responsibility for your actions you lock yourself away from the world out of guilt, you are afraid to go out and be seen. Instead of going out to face the music you punish yourself by placing order after order of unhealthy toxic food, food that do nothing but cause harm to your body.Please remember that your body is the temple,” 1 Corinthians 6:19-20″.

For some of you who are now overweight and had to shut yourselves from the world because of something someone did to you. Someone defiled and took advantage of you, someone stole your pride and your joy, someone tried to dim your light because they were afraid you will outshine them, now you are locked away, too ashamed because you think that people can see what happened to you.

Tell me out of all things why did you choose food as your comfort? Is it because it doesn’t talk, doesn’t judge, doesn’t make you feel any less than what you are actually worth? Well there are many harmless things that are like that, they’ll make you feel really good, but without causing you any harm. I’m not personally a fan but pets are all time stress relievers, if you don’t like them there’s also reading, or even singing, so get a good book will you, or join a church choir, bible study, anything that won’t harm that beautiful body that God gave you.

I know that bowel of ice-cream is pretty good, and I know that sugary drink goes down well, but is it worth the pain you feel afterwards from guilt? Let it all out, find someone to talk to and just let it all out. If someone hurt you and you hold on to the hurt and pain by keeping it all inside that gives them power over you and that keeps the hurt alive. Release it and relieve yourself, just let it go.

Your enemy loves it when you’re hurting, your enemy rejoices when that smile of yours has faded. Kill them with your smile, your kindness. Go up to them and tell them “I forgive you”. Do right by them not for their sake, but for your sake, then you’ll feel so light, you will feel the weight suddenly disappear, and all your blue days will be behind you, then you’ll be able to empty that fridge full of harmful foods and restock it with healthy hearty foods that are good for the body, soul and mind.Over eating

Do not let weight define you, work extra hard to kick the habit, start by fixing your heart, then the rest will fall into place. Come up with a schedule that outlines the best exercise regime and the best healthy diet that you think you can adhere to. Healthy food does not have to lack taste these days, nowadays there are tons of tasty healthy recipes, same as exercises, there are tons of exciting work outs that are so much fun, so being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean leading a boring life.You can be happy and healthy at the same time. I need you today to promise me that you’ll get back to me, just think long and hard about your life and why you think you ended up overweight, was it something you couldn’t help? Or not. We need a permanent solution to this problem, so digging deep and looking inside yourself and determining the cause of these unhealthy eating habits that you have is the only way. Once that is established and dealt with then the road to weight loss will be nothing but a welcomed adventure.

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  1. As a holistic homeopathic practitioner that works with people with a variety of mental, emotional, and physical challenges, your words definitely resonate with people, probably a ton of people that deal with weight issues.

    WE are our worst enemy. When WE work on ourselves, the rest of our issues follow as well, and you made that point very clear in this article (as well as avoiding toxins).

    1. Thank you so much Ariel, it means a lot coming from a professional, more especially because I’m not exactly experienced in my chosen niche, I speak mostly from my personal experience and the experience of those around me.

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