Self Love And Weight Loss

It’s not easy to love yourself if you don’t even like yourself and sometimes weight issues affect the way we feel about ourselves. Self love goes a long way in overall wellbeing and I feel like I have to remind you how important it is to put yourself first. Having weight issues can be a health hazard but it shouldn’t be the end of the world because so long as there is breath,  there is hope. Your attitude plays a vital role in everything that happens around you and to you so put it to good use and allow it to help you through the trying times of struggling with weight loss.

Full figure beautyWhat I mean by attitude is yes, at the moment you are facing a problem, your problem is you need to start losing weight right now if you want to continue leading a healthy life, but your attitude is not helping very much right now because instead of facing your problem head on, you choose to feel sorry for yourself, now that’s a very bad attitude. I think we’ve kind of established by now that the weight loss process requires a lot of hard work, there are just no quick fixes because those do not produce everlasting results.

Love is a very essential part of life because there’s just no life without love. God created us out of love and it is through the same kind of love that we keep reproducing. So life is love and love is life but how on earth can we love others if we don’t love ourselves first. I want you to look at yourself in the mirror and I want you to like what you see regardless of your weight.

I do not want you to let your weight determine how you feel about yourself because that will create unnecessary stress, in your quest to lose weight stress must be your enemy. So the goal is to avoid this stress at all costs. How do we avoid this stress? I’m a working single mom and sometimes it can get very stressful but what helps me and other single moms out there is just keeping busy period. Have you not realized how quickly a day passes if you are doing something? That’s right, you wake up with a purpose because you know your presence is needed somewhere and you go out there and you give it your all, next thing you know it’s already time to call it a day and you didn’t even stop for a minute to think about anything.

And don’t you forget that keeping busy will not only solve your stress problem but it also assists with weight loss. Not only will you not have time to sit and feel sorry for yourself but you will also be proactive in your quest for weight loss. So what I would do is to implement some kind of structure, draw up a time table that highlights how you would like your day to go and try by all means to follow through. That will take care of the stress problem because stress worsens every situation. Many people find themselves binging or sleeping the entire day, feeling sorry for themselves, all because of stress. So what I want you to do today is to forget your weight, forget all those added pounds and focus on adjusting your attitude

Here’s What I Think The Right Attitude Might Achieve…..

Growing up, what I observed mostly from people is how they choose to run away from their own personal problems or issues by fixating on other peoples problems. You know the person who came up with the saying “misery loves company” was so on point. So my point is I really don’t understand what people aim to gain when they highlight the negative they see on other’s, instead of focusing on themselves. For example what gives you the right to come up to me and tell me I’m ugly or I’m overweight? Does that make you feel good about yourself? Do you get paid or do you gain something for highlighting my weakness or my misfortune?

That’s people today they make themselves feel good about themselves by hurting and shaming other people. It is very difficult for most people to have self love because of other people. When you look at yourself on a mirror you don’t like the person who’s looking back because all you can see is what someone else put in your head. You are not what they say, you are what God says you are, “Psalm 139:14. Remembering that might save you a lot of headache and that’s where attitude comes in. Attitude is the ability to stay in control of any and every situation, regardless of what the situation might be, you stay in control, you don’t lose your cool, you take charge, always.

So if you have the right attitude, you’ll work hard to lose weight but at the same time embracing those hips and those curves because you know they aren’t there for long. If you spent most of your time fixating and worrying about your weight you won’t give yourself time to enjoy what won’t be there tomorrow. So I suggest you go out there and have some fun shopping for your temporary body. Stop wearing all those tight clothes that don’t fit no more, it will do you good to go out there and shop for clothes that hug those figures, enjoy those kilos while getting rid of them because whether you like it or not, they are who you are for the time being.

So sitting back and feeling sorry for yourself and crying because people are calling you fat is not a good attitude at all because all it will accomplish is giving your enemies a good laugh at your expense. The correct attitude gets you results but the wrong attitude makes every situation feel helpless. There’s nothing that gives your enemy more pleasure than seeing that smile fade away, so do yourself a favor and do not give the enemy that kind of satisfaction. Go get that new hairstyle that you’ve always wanted, get that new dress, that piece of jewelery you’ve been eying,get a manicure, a pedicure, spoil yourself, do whatever it takes to feel good regardless of your weight because in my experience, when you look good, you feel good.

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  1. Nice article. I totally see how many people ‘choose to run away from their own personal problems or issues by fixating on other people’s problems’.
    I have also been through a period of time where I had little self-esteem because of my weight. The advice given are legitimate and should be read by many others.

  2. Hello Malenyalo!
    I really enjoyed your article here! You are right to point out that we all need to look in the mirror instead of criticizing others. Beauty is more than just skin deep. Unfortunately, the majority of society today is too shallow to realize this.

    A question for you, if you don’t mind, What are your thoughts on the impact artificial sweeteners have on a person’s weight? I am very concerned that these manufactured substances are really going to be a major health problem in the future.. What are your thoughts?

    Thank you again for the great article above! I look forward to your next post!


    1. You know I don’t have enough info on that, but I think you’ve given me a topic for a review, so I”ll do a little bit of research and then write a review about them, thanks to you Tom.

    2. I tend to agree with you on the arificial sweeteners. I have done a bit of research on this and it seems like the brain is confused by them. Apparently when you consume sweeteners it triggers the release of insulin. Our systems (in most cases) are generally being overloaded with too many simple carbohydrates and artificial sweeteners are not helping.

  3. Being overweight can affect self-esteem, you’re so right. And attitude certainly determines altitude. And while you are working at your weight loss program it is so important to embrace all areas of your body. You know that it isn’t forever.
    Your website is very informative .  
    Love that heading “Self Love And Weight Loss.”

  4. Terrific article Malenyalo! So very true. Everyone has some features that are beautiful but it is what is in your heart and soul that is where the real beauty of a person is.

    Will look forward to reading more of your articles very soon.

    Best wishes


  5. When you look good you feel good. Amen to that! There’s no question that weight is a huge issue for self esteem especially for women but weight isn’t a measure of self worth. That said I agree that it’s important to do for ourselves whatever makes us feel more beautiful and forget the naysayers. And definitely check out of the misery club!

    1. Yes indeed weight ain’t supposed to be a measure of self worth. True and genuine love is something that should have nothing to do with looks. But then again love these days is something totally diffent trom what we’re used to. People these days love status, they love looks, they love money, u name it, they choose all these things first before they actually look at the person and that is wrong on so many levels, but what can we do? Is there a way to change peoples mindsets I ask?

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