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Have you ever felt like your body was on a roller coaster ride, where you find yourself overweight one minute and underweight the next? That is what happens to most of us lately because of so many a method of today for losing weight. Companies are  advertising different types of products as quick fixes to our weight problems and we find ourselves trying product after product with the hope that we will find one that actually works. I do that, and I bet you do that too but isn’t that dangerous to our overall well being? What if there are long lasting effects to our bodies?

I love my body and I know you love yours too, it’s the only one we get to have and once it gives in to the pressure and finally gives up on you there’s nothing you can do, absolutely nothing. I’m not discouraging the use of these weight loss products, all I’m saying is don’t look for the easy way out, put your health first. Diseases like obesity were very scarce in the olden days because people used to eat directly from their gardens, they didn’t eat all this refined staff that we stuff ourselves with nowadays. How many of us can honestly say they have a vegetable garden in our homes? I think not.

When people think garden, they think hard work and the people of today do not like that at all. You have your own personal assistant at work, you have your own chef at home, a nanny, a helper, a personal chauffeur, a dog walker, etc, etc…So please do not be mad at me when I tell you that most of our weight problems are caused by what society has turned to today. Because the more easier things become for us, the more we progress and develop as countries and communities and the more financially stable we become, the more our bodies suffer.

Money makes us lazy because who would want to stand on their feet and cook, when you can just dial a number and have the food delivered straight to your door? Who’ll want to wash dishes when you can just put them on a dishwasher?All I’m saying is as the people of today we want things done for us, no one wants to break a nail and weight loss is not accomplish-able if you only take supplements or if you only go to the gym and not adjust your lifestyle.

Take the stairs instead of a lift, cook that healthy spinach yourself, one that you picked from your very own vegetable garden , walk the dogs yourself, clean that house yourself, take the effort and actually draw a timetable of the kind of foods your family is going to eat for the week and actually make that happen. A balanced diet and an active lifestyle can do wonders for your weight loss mission if you just give it a try. Keep your weight in check by losing it the natural way. Love yourself enough to walk that extra mile

I know it’s hard work, but the rewards are everlasting.

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  1. I love this article, Malenyalo. I actually wrote something similar a while back when I was blogging about small changes to daily habits that make a huge difference. I just got a fitness tracker app on my phone and I find it’s making me more mindful of how much exercise I do each day and what I eat and drink. Am already drinking more water and walking more steps. I don’t always carry my cellphone on me though. I’ve heard if you get the fitness trackers on your watch you can really see the impact housework has – one way to beat those housewife blues!

    1. Thanks Lauren, I’m taking your advice now, where can I get this fitness tracker? Who knows maybe I can write something about it in future.

  2. Hello

    Thank you for the weight loss tips, they are very useful to put in use everyday to help maintain my weight. Nice website and useful article, I am happy i found your website today?

    What is your opinion of weight loss products on the market today, are these products safe and effective for us to be using to lose weight.

    1. You know Jeffrey, just like alcohol these products are not the problem, the problem lies with us for being dependent on them. Most products if you read the leaflets inside you’ll see that they advice that they work efficiently in conjunction with good diet and good exercise.Weight loss is an ongoing thing, so we have to change our lifestyle and keep at it, instead of giving up once we start seeing results but that’s what most of us do, and that contributes to being overweight one minute, and under weight the next and that cannot be healthy.

  3. I can honestly say that I have a vegetable garden in my home 🙂 .
    I do, its not big, but I do try. I currently have Aloe vera, mint, spinach and cherry tomatoes in my garden. To me, its not hard work to maintain my garden. It takes me only a few minutes daily to maintain it. Whether it is that I’m getting rid of weeds, watering my plants or picking out the plant I want to use in my meal.

    I want to plant more, but I don’t have the space.

    1. You are so right Sheree, it really is no hard work at all to maintain a garden, thank you so much, I really hope others learn from you.

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