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You can’t drive a car without servicing it, you can’t use a phone without resetting it, so why not treat your body with the same respect? Every once in a while your body becomes tired, it becomes worn out from everyday activity, the harmful foods that we eat, the harmful substances we use to clean our houses, and even the harmful substances we use to wash our own skins sometimes. Most of these things cause harm to our bodies and we find ourselves feeling sick, feeling tired and having all sorts of digestive problems. 

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Our internal organs helps with the elimination of toxins and bacteria from our bloodstream, but because of the highly processed foods that we eat and pollutants that enter our system through the very air that we breath, our system becomes overloaded and these toxins build up & multiply in our bodies and that can be very harmful. So to try and eliminate these toxins, the body self detoxifies itself by means of diarrhea, frequent urination and through sweating caused by fevers. But most of the time we don’t let nature take it’s course, we stop the process by going to the doctor and getting medicine that eliminates these symptoms when all we should be doing is helping the process by allowing it to run it’s course and assist it instead by taking liquids and staying hydrated.

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Detoxification is sort of spring cleaning your body, it’s a process of renewal because it rids the body of all impurities, all toxic material, and all unhealthy, harmful substances.So sometimes you think you are overweight when you actually aren’t because of the build up of substances that the body cannot effectively metabolize. So we have to try and find the balance by making sure the body does not consume more calories than it is burning, so please, do not underestimate the power of the foods that you eat, while some foods maintain and rebuild you, other foods cause nothing but harm.Fresh fruit

My late grandfather used to ask me if I eat to live or if I live to eat and I used to joke and tell him that I live to eat, but I was young and inexperienced then, that was before I went in and out of hospitals, but now I know better, I have found a miracle prevention method that works really, really well and is not costly at all because it consists of nothing  but fruits and vegetables.As a growing child I had a very weak immune system because no one taught me how to eat for life,so to say, how to choose the foods that heals and restores instead of foods that harms and destroys, but now I can’t remember the last time I visited the hospital.

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Detoxification as explained by the dictionary is a process of getting rid of the toxic or unhealthy substances from the body. I have tried it and the end results of this process is incredible, not only does it work on your body but your mind will benefit too. You will find yourself having increased energy, improved memory, less skin blemishes, you’ll be more calm and relaxed, especially those of us who panic about everything. Detox works like fasting because not only does it have incredible health benefits but it will also bring you closer to God, so please promise me that you’ll take the time to cleanse your system every once in a while, it doesn’t have to be expensive, I mostly use fresh fruits and vegetables but I hear that fruits especially have antioxidant properties that assists the body by getting rid of toxins.

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So to detox every once in a while should not be a hassle at all, just like fasting all you have to do is is take some time and abstain from meat and all cooked foods, all processed foods, your only friends for that time will be fresh vegetables and fruits in their raw form and plenty of water and fresh juices. Eat only that for as long as possible, for about as long as your body can allow, it will be difficult at times, your body will be weak, but just like fasting there’s nothing more rewarding but please don’t forget to visit your health practitioner and get the thumbs up from him before you do anything and have him advise you on the best detox method for you as an individual because what works for me might not work for you. 

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