Weight loss and sex

What If The Best Weight Loss Method Was The One That Gives You Pleasure

Imagine that, imagine if losing weight was as easy as being with the one you love. Oh how incredibly thin most of us would  be, especially men,lol. I bet you many marriages would still be intact today.Things like weight loss are usually associated with uninteresting things, things that make people want to run away.

Things like spice less or salt-less food and having to say no to a delicious slice of chocolate caramel cake for dessert. I believe I’m speaking 4 most of us when I say we would like to put minimal effort for maximum results when it comes to losing weight.

So imagine if making love was actually it, I think I would try it wouldn’t you? I live next door to this couple, I’ve never seen anything like it but they make love at least six times a day, everyday. I know you don’t believe me but they are the type that makes noise. They are so loud that if you are single you become jealous.

This man gives it to her three times before he goes to work, then three or four times at night and if he doesn’t go to work it’s two or three times during the day as well. We used to complain about the noise but now we just let them be because the more you talk about things like these, the more envious you seem.

So this lady is naturally slim but sometimes I wonder if the sex is actually playing a role in maintaining her slim figure. What I’m actually saying is weight loss is an ongoing thing that requires a change in a lifestyle, it requires us to stay active in any way we can so making love on it’s own might not be enough but combined with a good lifestyle change like eating good food,  regular excercise, and detoxing the system every now and then, then who knows, maybe love making might just be the way to save our beatiful figures.romance

So guys please turn it up. Buy the libido boosters if you must, but keep that lady in the bedroom for as long as possible and see if you won’t see results. And ladies saying no and telling your man how tired you are will only send him elsewhere to get it so please give it to him, not only for the fitness of your body but for the fitness of your relationship too.

Please try it, you’ve got nothing to lose. Instead of saying no tell him yes and you’ll be amazed at the amount of time he’ll be spending at home. You won’t ever have to fight about where he’s been I guarantee you.  Otherwise I would very much like to have some feedback from you ladies who gets it on a regular basis, drop an email @malenyalo@immediatelyloseweight.com and tell me how his love making might have or haven’t assisted in losing those extra kilos. I would really love to hear from you and who knows maybe after that I would write the next post with facts from your feedback on whether making love does help or not. Do not be a stranger please.

Please know that I do not condone sex before marriage as sex is something that God intended for married people, “1 Corinthians 7:2-5, Proverbs 5:18-19”.

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  1. A racy topic ! An interesting idea that having sex would keep you thinner, oh if it were that easy! Im not so sure sadly that it would only take this and having sex 5-6 times a day I feel would ultimately become rather boring, a chore, maybe not as boring as the gym though !

    1. Yes, I agree Helen, if only it were that easy, but when you say chore you really sound like a real woman now, lol, I mean have u ever, ever heard a man call it boring? I think not.Lol

  2. This is my kind of exercise. I guess I will cancel my gym membership and try to find a GF. I will tell her we need to have sex for health benefits and send her right to this website. Do you think I will be able to burn a lot of fat having sex 8 times a day at my max time of 2 minutes? LOL

    1. Hi Xdeem Li, I agree with you kids sometimes put out the fire in a relationship but we shouldn’t allow that to happen though, I say we find a way to work around that and still have those romantic nights somehow.

  3. I’ve read that sex burns upwards of 200 calories and I guess in this way, like any exercise, can help you to lose weight. Now, I’m sure if you have sex more frequently (especially as much as you have described in the story in the post), the amount of calories you burn will be more. But I guess the amount of calories you burn and indirectly, the amount of weight you lose depends on the amount of time you have sex and the number of times.

    1. Thanks for the comment Lindsey and I think it does depend on the amount of time and the couple I described are extra ordinary because they make it so easy but it really isn’t. That is why it is very important to be active any way you can, ride a bicycle, go to dance classes, walk a dog, and have sex. I think the journey to staying fit really is just about an altogether active lifestyle and healthy eating habits.

  4. Wow, how I long for the days when I could get it on over and over again, the same day! When you pass 60, it can be a challenge to make love 3 times in a week – clearly, not enough for weight control by itself, but I can see other ways it can help. To be motivated to skip that second doughnut or to pump iron for another 10 minutes, we must have a real reason to care – love making can help to provide that motivation. If you find it satisfying physically and emotionally, you are bound to care more about your partner and how she or he feels about the experience – that must drive motivation.
    Also there is SLEEP. No way to live a healthy life without a lot of it, and as for me, sex is great for getting me ready to zonk out for great, deep sleep.

    OK, so I’ve talked myself into it – sex is a great idea for weight loss. I don’t sleep alone, so I suppose action is in order. I wonder if that means I should start eating lots of oysters or watching porn?

    Thanks for a thought provoking post, Malenyalo

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