What To Avoid


First thing that I would advise you guys to avoid is having a dinner meal after seven at night because you don’t allow your body too much time to work out the carbs before you go to sleep.

So the best time to have dinner is between five and six in the afternoon, that way you don’t go to bed with a full stomach because not only does it play a role in weight gaining but it will also affect that six pack and nobody wants to have a big belly.

Eating desserts for dinner is also a definite no, imagine that cup of ice cream and the calories it contains, if you like ice cream it’s fine, I like ice cream too but things like ice cream, chocolates  and cakes, things that are high in calories are better in the morning, meaning your body has an entire day to fully work out those extra carbs and calories.

Also too much of the wrong kind of fat in our diet raises our blood cholesterol levels, which increases the risk of heart disease, so it will help to cut off all visible fat from meat before cooking.

Too much potato chips and fried chips can be very dangerous as it means more fat and more calories and that can lead to Obesity, which in turn leads to diabetes, heart disease and even high blood pressure. So if you are going to have potatoes it is better to boil or cook them

Use fat sparingly and choose healthy plant oils like olive oil and coconut oil.

Sugar must also be used in moderation, try by all means to avoid foods and drinks high in sugar because they will rise your blood sugar levels too fast. Some alcohol drinks have way too much sugar on them as well so please try to limit the intake.

Salt is one more thing to avoid, so use it in moderation or not at all. Use spices that don’t contain salt like pepper, chilli, paprika or curry. Lemon juice, fresh garlic or herbs such as parsley or thyme can also boost the flavor.